With the right puppy training tips, you can teach the puppy to relieve itself at the same place. Consistency is very important for this training and it is usually the first thing that you need to master while training the puppy. When you take the puppy outside more often, it sooner learns that it is supposed to relieve itself outside. Once you are familiar with the routine of the puppy, you will recognize the signs that it shows when it needs to go.

Know when the puppy needs to go

Generally, the puppy should be taken outside first thing when you wake up in the morning or after naps. You should also take the puppy outside before, after and while playing. Take the pet outside about 10 to 20 minutes after meals or before bedtime. Small puppies should be taken out at least once at night until they are 4 or 5 months old.

Puppy training means having a routine

You need to have a designated spot where you will be taking the puppy to eliminate. Follow a routine consistently each time you take the puppy out. As the puppy sniffs and circles the area, tell it “go potty” then continue repeating the words as the puppy relieves itself. When the puppy is done relieving itself, calm it and praise it. The feeling of being relieved is enough reward for the puppy. Eventually, the puppy will associate this feeling with the act. To ensure that the training routine remains consistent, maintain a consistent feeding schedule and ensure that the puppy is not fed between meals. Maintain the home environment that the puppy finds in your home by delaying renovations.

Use helpful tools

Perhaps, this is among the most important puppy training tips. You need items like a crate which acts like a safe den for the puppy. Also have puppy pads. These are absorbent pads that are scented to attract the puppy to the designated elimination place. It is also important that you purchase odor and stain remover. This is very important because there will be accidents. Cleaners are formulated specifically to remove stains and the odor that accompany them so that the puppy will not be tempted to remark and return to the same place.

Learn to deal with challenges

You might need few months or weeks  for Puppy Potty Training. This is because all puppies have a different learning pace. Therefore, be patient with your puppy. However, if your feeling is that your puppy is having difficulties in learning, there could be several causes. For instance, the pet might be having infections in the urinary tract or other medical problems. The puppy might also be feeling depressed or anxious. Additionally, the puppy might have excitement or submissive urination problem. However, your puppy might simply want more learning time. Regardless of your concern, it is advisable that you talk to a vet for diagnosis and treatment of possible medical problem.

Remember that the most important thing is to be patient with the pet and keep these puppy training tips in mind while training the pet. Successful puppy training requires your commitment, time, attentiveness and caring.

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